What people are saying about Children of the Sun


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Children of the Sun


Debra, via Amazon.com
“As the old saying goes, "What a tangled web we weave..." This book is wonderfully tangled with overlapping webs of deception. The web becomes even more tangled when the main character (and thus the reader) are at times unsure where the dream-world ends and reality begins. Just when you think that you have this story all figured out, another web gets spun! The pace of the book is fast, which helps build the suspense to its ultimate boiling point. The author has created a very enjoyable roller coaster ride for his readers.”

J, via Amazon.com
“Once again Brian Peterson has led my imagination on a roller coaster ride with his complex characters and abundant twists and turns. The ending was a complete surprise. I highly recommend this thriller to anyone who enjoys suspense and the complexity of the human brain. What a read!”

Kristine, via Amazon.com
“What a suspenseful psychological thriller! The novel was well written, and the characters complex and well developed. There was also some surprising humor sprinkled in. The ending was a true surprise. This is the second novel I've read by this author, and I look forward to his next one.”

Ken, via Amazon.com
“I usually don't read this type of book but this psychological thrilled gripped me from the start. The author wove together the various characters to a crescendo that keep me wanting to know more about the characters and why they did what they did. Thriller indeed! Good work, Brian!”

Scotty, via Twitter
“@WrittenByBWP liked the book, Brian. Never have seen baseball infused Sci-Fi before, so that was a first. Keep writing!”

William, via Amazon.com
“A quick read with a good story of two childhood friends who are not so quick to accept their destiny.”

Scott, via Amazon.com
“Check this one out! Fantastic read from a great author!”

Ginger, via e-mail
“Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed reading your book. Any idea when the next one will be available? Thanks for giving us such a great story.”

Doug, via Amazon.com
“Great read. A bit like The Bourne Identity with a SCI FI twist. It has all the good stuff: Space Battles, Aliens, Blasters, Intrigue, Sabotage, Hope, New Beginnings . . . Looking forward to more from this author.”

Julie, via Facebook
“Great read! Just finished reading "Children of the Sun". Great story. Unexpected ending gave it that extra punch! Good stuff Brian W. Peterson. I'm impressed. Let me know when your next book hits the shelf.”

J, via Amazon.com
“Perfect gift for any age. When I started reading this book I could not put it down. The adventures of the young men kept me spellbound. This would make a perfect gift for teenagers to grandparents (and I am a grandparent).”

Kristine, via Amazon.com
“Excellent story! I was thoroughly engaged throughout, and am looking forward to the author's next book.”

Karen, via Amazon.com
“Story of two best friends whose life's change overnight in a way they could never imagine. Great read! I have not read many science fiction books but this one held my attention from the very beginning. It hit all emotions happy, sad, mad, suspense.”

Elise, via Amazon.com
“Good and quick read. I liked this book. It made me wish there was a sequel or that it was a series.”

John, via Amazon.com
“I enjoyed the story, very much. A very good effort for Peterson's first book. The story line is good with intrigue and emotional conflict in a science fiction setting. I sat down and was captivated enough to read the story through in one sitting. Very well done. Money well spent. I look forward to his next book.”